About me

Eva Marion Schulz: The business name 'emsig kunsthandwerk' arose through my name's initials.

I grew up and have lived in Austria and South Africa.

From the richness of these two worlds I draw strength and find my ideas. South Africa inspires me with its wild, primal nature and its intuitive, talented artists. In Austria, I enjoy a variety of international art and cultural activities.

These days I live in Bregenz, at the Lake of Constance with my two precious children.

Artistic work is an essential part of me.

My creations are partly the result of my art history studies in Vienna and partly African influences. The workpieces of African artisans are colorful, fun, alive, elemental. I especially love South African beadart.

Nothing is as powerful as an idea being born!WorkspaceBig selectionStackrings in processBracelet in processNunu & AmelieSleeping PixieLilo, our burundukFirst ever caneSundown in the bushBushveld with lakeBartholomäbergAtmosphere in the RiedWinter wonderlandHappiness

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